Blackford Athletics Giveaway

The Chamber would like to thank Blackford Athletics for being our first ever monthly giveaway donator, with a very generous giveaway prize of Two All Sports passes and Two Bruin Baseball hats!

Blackford Athletics enjoys being able to bring the community together to support the youth. In recent years they have seen larger crowds and with that a growing sense of pride and confidence in their young Bruins. “I think most people like to go to places where they know they are going to have a positive enjoyable experience and there are times where it almost feels here like a family atmosphere.” Athletic Director Tony Uggen said.

Blackford Athletics offers nearly as many opportunities to play different sports as larger schools in the state, which means it takes a lot of work to keep the program running smoothly. Lisa Musselman and Brad Batman, the new JH AD, both play a large part in helping Uggen run a smooth department. However, it takes a much bigger team than them to run all of the athletics, “we are so fortunate to have so many great people volunteer their time to help us out, because it takes several to put on an event and make it run smoothly and efficiently. Our custodial staff does a remarkable job keeping our facilities looking great and the administration has been very supportive in improving facilities as they are able. It is a team effort and for that I am thankful.” Uggen said when asked about who are the biggest players in making sure the program runs smoothly.

As a community we can do a lot to help support this program. The biggest one being showing up for these kids win or lose because “they are all still kids doing the best they can to represent our school and community.” Uggen said. He also mentioned that encouraging younger kids to be active in sports is important, and he can see that happening with the increased number of kids involved in the lower level sports of Blackford. Many businesses are also doing their part by becoming corporate sponsors, but you can help too! If you want to lend a hand in making Blackford Athletics successful you can reach out to Tony Uggen at for volunteer and paid positions!

Here’s to wishing a successful year to the Bruins in their athletics and academia!